This page is intended to be viewed as an inset element of the main Hardware Artwear website. The website is built using iframes, which unfortunately makes sharing with social media difficult. To address this issue, these pages have been created to be viewed as a stand-alone page as well. As an individual page, it can be more redily shared on social media sites like Pinterest, while still being a fully functional Hardware Artwear website page. Artwears can be purchased directly from a stand-alone page like this one, or from the inset page on the actual Hardware Artwear website; they are technically the same page, just displayed differently depending on whether you see it independently or as an inset element on the website. Since the page has the potential to be isolated from the main website, being shared and viewed as an individual page like this, a link button is provided for a path back to the Hardware Artwear website.

Thank you for your interest in Hardware Artwear.
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